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MONICON was established in 1990. In electronic circuits, digital control design is based on a professional engaged in the development and manufacture of innovative products. Currently it is a professional developer and manufacturer domestic electromechanical controller remaining. Have their own R & D team in Taiwan and factories, not price competition with China, adhere to the development of R & D, since the group policy from the pin. Wherein WiFi electromechanical controller technology, is unmatched in Asia.


We uphold "a little progress every day," the entrepreneurial spirit. Now issued the patent to develop a radio roll door remote control, trace type capacitance electronic scales, Taiwan Power Company and the semiconductor cycle prover complete sets of electronic control systems and other equipment.


In addition to the market in Taiwan, but also actively expand overseas markets. To provide higher quality products and better services, and customers go hand in hand,  mutual benefit and common prosperity and create a better future.


Current commercial products GTR series generator controller (box), automatic power factor adjustment, automatic reclosing devices and power protection relay. In a more positive development in recent Cloud mechatronics business, and strive to make Taiwan Electrical and Mechanical Services environment has entered the era of things.


If you have electromechanical control needs, whether it is the controller needs of electric pumps, engine pumps, generators, power factor, various generators, electrical and mechanical things or need service, you are welcome to contact us.

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GTR series  sold worldwide, Taiwan, Asian and European markets have achieved remarkable success. We want to know the detailed product specifications, please click below product introduction.

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